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Despite being in the game since the very beginning, Alphys is only a Legendary since Beta 49.0. Before that, she was an Epic. (Aside from the update when it happens, she shares this with Muffet and Gaster.)



Undertale OST - Alphys Extended

Alphys has the ability to give Royal Inventions, a set of 7 spells, but are seperated into 1 for each soul. As such, her use depends on the soul you play, because you will only get your soul's specific Invention.

These Inventions are all based on regular spells the classes had access to over the years (and the sprite reflects this: showing the sprite of the spell that had that effect on the screen). Most of those spells were changed due to their strong effects, especially due to the options to add 2-3 of them to your deck. Not to mention the fact they were usable instantly.

Being only obtainable from the effect of a Legendary monster makes them more managable. Because of this, you can treat Alphys as your deck's Legendary Spell.

Royal Inventions

Royal Inventions.png

The table below shows the spells the effects of the Inventions originally belonged to, as well as the precise (or most accurate) version of them in regards to cost, effect and sprite:

In Royal DT's case.

Invention Original Version
Determination Last Dream None
Patience Exploration Beta 43.0
Bravery Acceleration Beta 20.2
Integrity Cloning Beta 17.0
Perseverance Worsening Beta 18.1
Kindness Pie Beta 9.1
Justice Multi Shot Beta 7.5

Card Skins


  • Noodles (by Moonlightring)

    Happy Nerd

  • Happy Nerd (by Darky)

    Fishy Dreams

  • Fishy Dreams (by Asrite)
  • Amalgamate Creator (by Jacky Bunny - Fan Artist)
    • Originally available through the UCP Shop.

      Massive Mistake

  • Massive Mistake (by Asrite)

    Stole my Heart

  • Stole my Heart (by Diamaincrah)

    I wasn't prepared for it

  • I wasn't prepared for it (by Nasrin_AnoirX)
    • Welcome to your Hell (sold seperately)
    • New beginning (sold seperately)
    • Can't be seen (sold seperately)
    • The water is singing (sold seperately)
    • Puzzles of the spider net (sold seperately)
    • Why are you doing this (sold seperately)
    • Any Last Words (sold seperately)


  • Royal Determination uses a completely unique effect due to the class' rework, but regained its Last Dream sprite. This is most likely due to the 4G, +1/+1 and relation with 7, which was in Last Dream's original and latest design.
  • Royal Patience's effect is exactly like that of Beta 43.0 Exploration (the original), but its cost is lower than any version of it (while OG Exploration was 3G).
  • Royal Bravery is 1G and draws 4 cards, which is identical to Beta 20.2 Acceleration. However, the -1 cost they get is from its Beta 38.2 version, which was 3G and (since Beta 28.0) drawed UP TO 4 cards (thus you wouldn't draw more cards than you can and overdraw as a result).
  • Royal Integrity is a 0G that gives +2 cost. Cloning never gave a cost increase, but Beta 17.0 Cloning had the cheapest cost out of all of them with this exact copy effect, at 3G.
  • Royal Perseverance deals 3 DMG and gives KR. Pre-Beta 44.0 Worsening always dealt 2 and didn't give KR. Royal PV also matches with multiple versions regarding cost and the DMG under KR.
    • Original Worsening dealt 6 DMG (until Beta 7.1) and was 2G (until Beta 7.4).
    • Worsening didn't obtain the excess player DMG effect until Beta 18.1.
  • Royal Kindness is the only Royal Invention not changed since its addition.
  • Royal Justice, while still somewhat be close to the original Multi Shot in order to multiply the passive, now only does it once with the True Justice Artifact. This Artifact has the exact same effect as Justice's Passive in Beta 7.5 (which was active when Multi Shot was released).