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Previous Versions of the Annoying Dog can be found here. Previous Versions of the Dog Residue can be found here.

Since Beta 56.0, Annoying Dog is the only Dog that is able to attack on its first turn using Haste, making it quite the aggresive card. When it dies, a Dog Residue is added to your hand, a 2/3 effectless Dog for only 1G. This gives you a very cheap way to trigger Rope Dog's Synergy effect in the future, among other uses.

Card Skins

Cute and Annoying

  • Cute and Annoying (by Darky)

    The Adventures of the Annoying Dog

  • The Adventures of the Annoying Dog (by Shionbluu)

    Absorb the Artifact

  • Absorb the Artifact (by Asrite)

    Hot Dog

  • Hot Dog (by BlueKitty)

    Wholesome Gift

  • None. (by Diamaincrah)
    • Wholesome Gift (sold seperately)