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Artifacts can be chosen in Decks section.

Artifacts are a type of mechanic released in Beta 18.0 that will affect the outcome of battles. Most of these have an effect that trigger once and on the first turn, but others take place either during the entire match or at the end of it.

You start out with the Artifacts Experience, Draw, Health, Poke, and Solidity. The rest cost gold to get:

  • 300G for a Normal Artifact
  • 1000G for a Legendary Artifact

You can get to pick up to 2 Artifacts, except if you pick an Legendary Artifact, then you can't choose a second one. There are 3 monsters that generate artifacts: Gerson, Chara, and Soulless Kris.



Onutrem tweeted on December 24, 2017 that a new mechanic will come in the next season of Ranked. On December 28, it was revealed that Artifacts was the big reveal.

People got to test Artifacts on early December 31 on the test server.

Releases of Artifacts

  • Beta 18.0: 12 Normal and 3 Legendary.
  • Beta 18.1: Accessible in Ranked Mode and 4 new Artifacts for Gerson.
  • Beta 20.0: 4 Normal and 1 Legendary.
  • Beta 31.2: 1 new Artifact for Chara.
  • Beta 44.0: 6 Normal and 1 Legendary.
  • Beta 48.0: 1 new Artifact for Determination.
  • Beta 50.0: 1 new Artifact from Soulless Kris.
  • Beta 51.0: 1 Normal and 1 Legendary.

Regular Artifacts

Beta 18.0


  • Game start: Reveal the first 3 cards in your opponent's hand. Copy those to your deck with -1 cost.


  • Start of every 5th turn: Draw one more card if your hand isn't full.


  • Increase XP reward by 50%.



  • Game start: Gain +5 HP.


  • Game start: Give the opponent -5 HP.


  • End of turn 2/5/8/11: Give +1/+1 to the next monster in your deck.


  • Whenever you would overdraw a card, take fatigue DMG instead.


  • Whenever you play a => 5G monster, heal yourself by 1 HP.

Reinforcement [NOW LEGENDARY]

  • Start of turn 3/6/9/12/15, add a random monster with +2/+2 to deck.


  • Taunts in your hand cost 1 more. Whenever you play a Taunt monster, give it +1/+1.

Ambition (Will until Beta 51.1)

  • End of turn 3/7/11: Topdeck a Dream.

Beta 20.0



  • Start of every 5th turn: Add Spying to your hand for this turn.


  • Whenever an ally monster with => 3 ATK attacks and kills a monster, give it +1 ATK.


  • Whenever an ally monster is fully recovered by an effect or spell, give it +1 HP.

Beta 44.0

Collection [NOW LEGENDARY]

  • Add a Thrashing Machine to your hand if you summon the first monster of a Tribe (except All Tribe).


  • Start of turn 13: Silence and kill all monsters.



  • Start of every 3rd turn (except turn 3): Summon a Mettabot.


  • After reaching <= 10 HP for the first time, summon a Blue Flower.


Beta 51.0

Evil Plan

Legendary Artifacts

Beta 18.0


  • Your monsters have a 20% chance to deal 100% bonus damage.


  • Shock: Add a Mine to the enemy's deck.


  • Game start: Add 4 gaster blasters (sorry no proper link) to your deck and 1 to your hand.

Beta 20.0

Arcane Scepter

  • Shock: Cast a random spell on an random target.

Beta 44.0


  • After playing the last card in your hand for the first time, draw 7 cards.

Beta 44.1


  • Start of game: Add 5 random monsters with +2/+2 at the end of your deck.

Beta 45.0


  • Add a Thrashing Machine to your hand if you summon the first monster of a Tribe (except All Tribe).

Beta 51.0


  • Your monsters have +1 ATK during the enemy's turn.

Generated Artifacts


Cloudy Glasses

  • Turn start: Give +1 HP to a random ally monster.

Crab Apple

  • Turn start: Give +1 ATK to a random ally monster.

Sea Tea

  • Turn start: Restore 3 HP to a random damaged ally monster.

Torn Notebook

  • Turn start: Deal 1 DMG to a random enemy monster.



  • Turn start: Add a Real Knife to your hand. Turn end: Remove it.



  • Whenever a monster dies (except Lost Souls), increase the counter by 1. Turn end: If you can, spend 7 counters to summon the next Lost Soul at 1/1, or 2/2 stats if you have 10 or less HP.

Soulless Kris

Outbreak [REMOVED FROM THE GAME, replaced by Dark Fountain in Beta 66.5]

  • Counter begins at 0. If you have 10 turn or later, summon Soul Cage and increase counter by 1

Dark Fountain

  • Whenever you play a card you haven't played this game, gain a counter. Turn Start: If this has 20+ counters, fill your hand with random Deltarune monsters. They cost 2 less G.

Spamton NEO


  • Turn Start: If this has 3 or less counters, add an Irresistible Deal to your hand. If your hand is full, shuffle the rightmost card in your hand into your deck first. Turn End: If you have Irresistible Deal in your hand, cast a BIG SHOT!!!.