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Asgore Updated(ed)
Asgore is a fairly expensive monster, so be prepared to save up and have cheaper cards in your deck if you wish to use him.


Undertale Ost- 077 - ASGORE

Undertale Ost- 077 - ASGORE

It plays at around 0:08 - 0:16 and 0:25 - 0:33

When placed, Asgore kills all monsters that are injured, as such pairing him with a card like Woshua or perhaps Undyne, though this will cost way more, is very useful as they will likely injure all enemies on the field when placed.

This card is particularly good in the Determination and Justice Decks with Same Fate and Strafe respectively, dealing damage to all enemy monsters. However, in the case of Same Fate, make sure you don't have any monsters you are willing to give up, as Asgore will kill them as well.


Cards like Mad Dummy, Sans, or Ice Cap will not typically get affected by Asgore.

Card Skins

Card Skin (Asgore)

Stay Determined

  • Stay Determined (by Darky)
    Card Skin (Asgore) 2

    No Mercy

  • No Mercy (by CoreSilence)
    Card Skin (Asgore) 3

    Sad Tea

  • Sad Tea (by Moonlightring)
    Card Skin (Asgore) 4

    Sunset Asgore

  • Sunset Asgore (by Asrite)