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For his Boss Battle, see Asgore: Boss.

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Undertale Ost- 077 - ASGORE

0:08 - 0:16 or 0:25 - 0:33

Asgore kills all currently damaged monsters on the board when played, making him a very useful card. He is, however, a fairly expensive monster, so be prepared to save up and have cheaper cards in your deck if you wish to use him. This is especially the case since he's mostly used in combination with other cards in the same turn to wipe the entire enemy board.


As mentioned, Asgore is more often than not a combo card. Woshua is his partner, dealing 1 DMG to all enemy monsters, prefectly setting the stage for the board wipe while keeping yours safe (if there is one). An alternative that should only be used in dire circumstances is Undyne.

Asgore is particularly good in Justice Decks due to their access to Strafe and Shootout. Strafe is Woshua's effect in a spell, thus lacking a body but being cheaper and stronger, as it deals 2 DMG to all enemy monsters rather than 1. (This makes it also able to affect Armor monsters.) Shootout is even cheaper, but only deals 1 and to your monsters as well, making it more risky to use.

Asgore is also good in a Determination deck due to them already having a great benefit from having Woshua in their deck because of their access to Same Fate. Keep in mind that Same Fate sets the current and max HP of all monsters to 1 now, not just their current, making Asgore not work when used after. (And even if it did, it's not recommended to do due to the high cost, much like using Undyne.)


If not paired with any of the aformentioned cards right away, the opponent is able to heal them up during their next turn. This is especially easy to do for Kindness. As mentioned before, Armor monsters only take DMG from Strafe, while Dodge monsters won't take DMG from any of these cards.

Card Skins

Stay Determined

  • Stay Determined (by Darky)

    No Mercy

  • No Mercy (by CoreSilence)

    Sad Tea

  • Sad Tea (by Moonlightring)

    Sunset Asgore

  • Sunset Asgore (by Asrite)

    Souls Collection

  • Souls Collection (by Jacky Bunny - Fan Artist)
    • Originally available through Pass Quests.

      Santa's Secret

  • Santa's Secret (by Diamaincrah)

    Golden Garden

  • Golden Garden (by Shionbluu)