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Asriel is a pretty good card with solid stats of 4/4 for a 5G monster and the ability to remove all negative effects from your other monsters, such as KR, Paralyze and Silence, making Asriel good against Perseverance and Patience. He will also restore 2 HP to those monsters as well as you yourself at the end of your turn, but only once, similar to the effect of Burgerpants. (This sort of effect has gained its own keyword in Beta 51.0: Delay.)

Asriel is also extremely good after the opponent has used Toriel, because he will return your other monsters' ATK back to normal, but keep their Taunt.

After the Dodge rework, Asriel is great if the likes of Sans has run out of dodges, since he replenishes them.

Card Skins

Happy Goat

  • Happy Goat (by Moonlightring)

    Timid Asriel

  • Timid Asriel (by Darky)

    Goat Power

  • Goat Power (by Zoomlightbulbs)

    Flower Goat

  • Flower Goat (by Asrite)

    Star Spamming

  • Star Spamming (by Asrite)


  • Brothers (by Asrite)

    Fun Time (GIF)

  • Fun Time (GIF by Virsenus)
    • Originally available through Summer Pack Bundle.

      A Snows Remembrance

  • A Snows Remembrance (by Shionbluu)
    • Only available through Christmas (2020) Bundle.


  • His 6th skin, Brothers, isn't canonically accurate due to Chara not having an official gender. (But they're also not necessarily non-binary. Instead, their gender is based on a person's preferance, making the skin name not wrong.)