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Undercards Wikia

Avatars were added in Beta 18.1 to promote Undercards' new UCP Currency, as these are only able to be bought with UCP.

General Information

Avatars are just for show, able to be seen next to your name anywhere: In the Home Menu, on your profile page, your profile page in the chat and in battle. Various items and characters from Undertale are shown on these, most of which look slightly or completely different from their card counterpart. Some also just have their head shown, like the face images main characters have in their dialogue box in Undertale.

There are quite a few similarities between Avatars and Cards:

  • There are the 5 main Rarities of Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Determination.
    • Note: There were no Determination Avatars on release.
  • Each Avatar of the same Rarity costs the same amount of UCP, with 1 exception.
  • The higher the Rarity, the more UCP they cost to get.
    • Common: 0 UCP (You own them all from the start.)
    • Rare: 75 UCP
    • Epic: 150 UCP (Normal) | 200 UCP (Animated)
    • Legendary: 250 UCP (Normal) | 350 UCP (Animated)
      • Jacky Bunny's Avatars: 350 UCP
    • Determination: 375 UCP
  • The original Common, Rare and Epic Avatars were colourless.

Mythic Avatars

As of April 2019, there's a special Avatar with a rainbow border, called Mythic, that can be obtained in a bundle with a related Card- and Profile Skin when buying an Epic+ Contributor Pack. This bundle changes every month. Replaced by Pass Quests after 5 months (since September).

During July 2019, another Mythic Avatar with matching Card and Profile Skins became available. These, however, can't be bought. Instead, they are obtainable based on the total amount of real money you've spent on the game. The Card Skin is unlocked after spending €100. After another €100, you unlock the Profile Skin, too. And after yet another €100, meaning you've spent a total of €300 or more, you've unlocked the Avatar, giving you access to all 3 skin types.

September 2019 gave us Pass Quests instead of a UCP Pack Bonus. For 450 UCP, you can unlock these and will earn you Bundle Pieces by clearing Seasonal Quests, which were also introduced at this point. The Pass Quests were changed in January 2021, and now cost 400 UCP to unlock. Also, since October 2020, all Skins older than around a year would be added to the regular Skin Pools.

During January 2020, all Mythic Card Skins were changed from a 'landscape' to a 'full' version. January 2021 made both versions available, which caused the Pass Quest format to change. Those who had the Card Skins of older Quests already got the other one for free, but Skins they don't have now require 300 UCP to be bought each. Golden Muffet gives both versions at the same time.


During May 2020, Bundles were re-added, but now feature a Cosmetic Skin of multiple types for a single payment of UCP. This lasts for a limited time, afterwards a new Bundle will take its place and the old Bundle will be added to the regular Shops (but the total UCP cost will be higher):

  • Card Frame; (Originally styled after Undertale, changed to Deltarune in Beta 42.0, given the option to switch between the two in Beta 42.1, and added one for Contributors in Beta 45.0. Being added in Beta 46.1, this is the 2nd buyable and 4th overall Frame Skin, after its introduction January 2020. It is unknown if these are obtainable after a new Bundle takes its place.)
  • Profile; (With the first instance of, when used, also gives a corresponding Background for the user as well as spectators viewing from the user's perspective. The Profile Skin and Background Skin can't be bought or used seperately and only requires to buy the Profile Skin. Custom Background Music may also apply. If not, Background Music from the normal selection of Backgrounds will play.)
  • Card Skins & Avatars. (Given to a number of monsters with a similar theme and may synergize with each other. Unlike all other Cosmetic Collections of the sort, these aren't given the Mythic Rarity nor are made by Jacky Bunny.)
  • Emotes.

The current Bundle is Christmas (2020). Halloween (2020) isn't available.

Current Avatars

Common (7)

Froggit, Migosp, Loox, Vegetoid, Whimsun, Moldsmal, Dummy.

Rare (246)

6 of Spades, A Cool Snake, A Cute Death Weapon, A Mimir, Absorb the Artifact, After the Concert, After Work, All in One, Allergic Reaction, Annoying Dog, Any Last Words, Apocad, Artistical Discomfort, Awkward So Sorry, Backup Cards, Bag on Tail, Barbecue Pyrope, Beggining Flowey, Best Dad, Beware of Legs, Blaster Power, Blue Doubt, Blushing Society, Bone Chilling Winter, Boom Moment, Buffed Doggo, Bush of Doom, Butterfly Attack, Cactus, Calm Dummy, Can't be seen, Cease your Taunts, Chalk Doodlebog, Chaothic Change, Chess Elegance, Clean Smile, Completely Hidden, Confronting Elegance, Coolest Glyde, Corrupted Big Bob, Cozy Bear, Crosshair, Cruel Fate Everyman, Cultured Hamster, Cute and Annoying, Dark Menace, Death by Butterflies, Deep Meaning, Devil Eye, Diamond Baby, Disco, Dog Brothers, Dreemurrs Pie, Drill Time, Early Bird Gets the Book, Early in the Morning, Eggcelent Learning Partner, Eggs for Everyone, Everyman, Fear the Worm, Fetch, Final Encounter, Fire Time (GIF), Flex Time, Flight, Flying Starwalker Bird, Forest of Snow, Forgotten Justice (GIF), Freezing Cold Fridge, Freezing Dogs, Froggit Golden Hit, Frozen Lamp, Future Warning, Game Arena, Get Well Soon (2x), Getting Lost, Golden Pile, Gottem, Green Hearts, Grim Bird, Guard in Training, Happy Ghost, Happy Vulkin, Heartless, Heck Yeah, Her Smile, Hes Watching, Hi Im Bob, Hidden Human, High Definition Timer, Hippity Hoppity, Hot Dog, I Diagnose you with Death, I wasn't prepared for it, Increasing Rage, Intrigued Fox Head, Its Hot in Here, Jester's Weapon, Just a Normal Kid, Just a Rock, Just Checking, Karmic Retribution, Killer Cake, Last Resort, Late at night, Left Behind, Lemon Cake, Lesser Dog, Lets Play a Game, Like the Cool Kids, Locked On Whimsun, Long Dog, Lost in Thought, Lost Sauce (GIF), Lost Skeleton (GIF), Lost Soup (GIF), Lover Plane, Manticore Break, Massive Mistake, Meal Break, Memory Sink, Menacing Worms, Metta Minions, Mini Frog, Mini Round, Minion Eater, Mocking Flower, Move or Die, MTTs Brand New Eggs, -Flour, -Milk, Mysterious Legend, Mystery Guy, New beginning, New Outfit, Not an Easy Task, Oh Wow, One Turn Flush, Out of Order, Pain, Panic Pollutant Gas, Pay for your Sins, Perfect Fountain, Perishing Souls, Phoenix, Pinata Dog, Plan B, Ponman Guardian, Popato Meal at Last, Precious Gems, Preparing Burger Bush, Purest Seed, Purple Performance, Puzzles of the spider net, Quiet Blizzard, Ragel, Randomized Power, Ranger Danger, Reader Librarian, Ready for Takeoff, Red Anxiety, Red Blossom, Reddish Bloom, Refreshing Water, Relax With Some Tea, Ribbit, Sacred Place, Sad Forest Worm, Sharp Spades, Shhhhhhh, Shooting Off Hearts, Shut Time (GIF), Sick Temmie, Singing River Person, Sleeping Froggit, Slide Time, Small but Tough, Snaky Situation, Snow Bunny Friend, Snowdog, Snowdoggo, So Many Greens, Soapy Bubbles, Spade Storm, Spears of Justice, Squawking in Grillbys, Standing Ralsei, Stay Still, Still Waiting, Stole my Heart, Strong Legs, Surf Time, Surprised Snowdrake, Swap Time, Sweet Sweet HP, Tail Wags, Tasty Puzzle, Tem Gathering, Tem Proud Parent, Temmie, The Crown, The Cure, The Peony Lanterns, The Spear in the Table, The water is singing, Thinking Berdly, Thinking Sad Thoughts, Thorned Tendrils, Time to Hop, Timid Mouse, Tiny Greeny, Too Cold, Too Good For This, Too Much Woof, Totally Vulnerable, Tree, Tricky Box, Triple Froggits, Two Memories, Ultimate Power, Unknown Power, Vessel of 7 Souls, WAITING FOR A NEW NAME, Want Tem Flakes, Watching you, Waterfall Garbage, Waterfall Transport, We do a little Pogging, Weird Molds, Welcome to your Hell, What Does It Mean, Why are you doing this, Wind Mayhem, Winter Days, Worm Generator, Yellow Careless, You Designed It, Your Lucky Day.

Bundles (2)

Epic (131)

1 Damage, A Welcoming Smile, According to Plan, Alphys, Asriel Dreemurr, Bad Girl, Bone-Chilling, Brothers (2x), Buddies, Buy my Junk Food, Chaos Saber Asriel, Chase on the Bridge, Choose One, Cinnamon Roll, Cooking Teacher, Cool Papyrus, Curved Round, Cute Star, Dark Darker, Darkest of Kings, Demon in Disguise, Dogs Possession, Drew this for you, Empty Inside, Fishy Dreams, Flower Goat, Flowers Bloom, Follower Kid, Friends until the end, Frisk Determination, Frisk Goes Boom (2x), Gaster Blaster, Glyde Takes a Bite, Goat Power, Green Flame, Guard Dogamy, Guard Dogaressa, Happy Goat, Hats Off, High School Noelle, Hoi!!, Hot Sugar, Hyper Goner, Its Show Time (GIF), Kawaii Gaster Blaster, L O V E, Late for School, Leader Susie, Let Him Rest, Little Monster, Little Pet, Made for Knowledge, Magic Spark, Mauve Amethyst Wine, Meowey the Meower, Mercyful Child, Message from the Void, Nice Cream Vendor, Nobody Can Stop Him, Nyan Mad Mew Mew, Packs Dealer, Perfectly Fine, Political Talk, Pot Pat Pet, Power of NEO, Rabbit Host, Reading Toriel, Ready for Chaos, Ready to Mess, Ready to Thrash, Red Knife, Rewind, Rough Fish, Sad DJ, Sad Tea, See You, Smile and Silence, Snail Anatomy Online Class, Snowdin Snow Storm, Snowdin Town Baby, Soul Check, Spider Dance, Spider Food, Stand and Fight, Star Spamming, Staring Contest, Staring Goner Kid, Starlight, Stay Determined, Stonks Mascot (GIF), Sunset Asgore, Survive This, Swheat Heart, Switch (2x), Teasing Frisk, Tem is Ready (GIF), The Man Behind the Mascot, The Power of Anime (2x), Thinking Drake, This is fine, Timid Asriel, Too Sensitive, Toxic, Ultimate Recipe, United Final Charge, Very Interesting, WAITING FOR A NAME, Waterfall Echoes, Woofenstein, Yellow Cutie.

Bundles (5)

Legendary (133)

500 Error (GIF), Angry Sans, Best Employee, Besties!, Bright Smile, Burning Spirit, Calmness Time (GIF), Captured Soul, Chaos Saber, Chilling Susie, Christmas Noelle, Cloud Nine, Colored Sparks God, Cool Dude, Cool Skeleton 95, Cry Baby of Death, Cute Dictator, Cute Mew Mew, Dark Prince, Defensive Susie, Despite Everything, Determination, Devil Duck, Drunk Bunny, Everlasting Memories, Fight Me, Fighting Papyrus, Final Attack (2x), Final Warning, Fish Idol, Foolish, Fox Child, Frisk Multi Shot, Furry Sans, Get Dunked On, Get Ready (2x), Gifting Time (GIF), Glamorous Time (GIF), Glitched Gaster, Glowing Ralsei, Goat Mama, God of Hyperdeath, Golden Flower, Golden Garden, Golden Tears, Green Bad Girl, Greetings from Waterfall, Gyftrot Little Nap Time (GIF), Hackergoat, Happy Nacarat Jester, Happy Nerd, Hardest Puzzle, Hawaii Dancer, Healing Field, Here Comes Lancer, Hey-yo Westerberg, Hopes and Dreams, Hot Barman, Howl of Doom, Hyped Catty, Ice Cream Time, It's Me, It's You, Jesus Duck, Justice, Kawaii Onion, Knife Throw (GIF), Last One Standing, Liquid Colors, Little Bad Guy, Lovely Mew Mew, Magicalu Time (GIF), Man of Fire, Mini Rider Sans, No Mercy, Noelle joins the Team, Noodles, Nyehehe, Old Turtle, Onion Check, Opera Mode, Out of my Mind, Photoshop Flowey, Possesed Kris, Prophet, Ready To Fight, Sad Lost Sans (GIF), Santa's Secret, Scrapbooking, Sea Goddess, Shopping Time, Singer Fish, So Cool, Spear of Justice, Spell Caster Ralsei, Standing Rouxls Kaard, Summer Undyne, Sun Goddess Toriel, Super Star, Tea Time, Tem Shop, The Adventures of the Annoying Dog, The Carrier, The Sheriff, Time to Run, Treat or Trick Time, Try Harder, TV Star, Vampyrus (2x), Void, Whaaat, What Does the Chara Say, Wholesome Gift, Wolf Child, Yellow Flowers Chara, Your Best Friend.

Bundles (5)

Determination (19)

Big Eyes Chara, Control, Dark Knight, Erase, Flirt, Happy Chara, Krispy Soul Dinner, Partner, Pianist Chara, Psycho Manga Chara, Save, Spiteful Angel, The Hero, Together Forever, True Hero, Universal Destruction, Your Worst Nightmare.

Bundles (1)

Mythic (17)

Young Toriel, Hyper Death Attack, Chara's Rush, Fish Goddess, Amalgamate Creator, Souls Collection, Love Knight, Ketchup Sans, Yellow Frisk, Kawaii Mew Mew, Hero of Humanity, Little Devil, Flower God, Robot Star, Final Cry.

Old Avatars

Common (0)

Rare (8)

Big Bob, Bomb, Rare Bot, RG 02, Shyren (without Agent), Soothing, Vulkin's Cloud, Vulkin.

Epic (3)

Epic Bot, Flowey, Undyne (Dating Outfit).

Legendary (8)

Gerson, Legendary Bot, MT Ebott, Onion San, Pirate Undyne, Shopping, Spoopy Goopy, Trader Temmie.

Determination (1)


Mythic (14)

NEO Hope, Crazy Lancer, Gem Specialist, Darkest King, Tower Mage, Good Kris, Glowing Toy Cat, It's Fine, Dark Destiny, Fish Chef, 4th Wall, Beach Goat, Beach Dummy, Summer Bad Girl.

Generated Avatars

April Fools (9)

Asriel Thailand, Delete This Ralsei, Giga Aaron, Just Whiped Out Snowdin Town, Lancer Boi, Number One, Sexy Fish, Still Powerful, When the Pizza is Sus.

Tournament Rewards 2021 (12)

Frosty Wings, You're An All Star, Waterfall Riches, Visit at Undyne's, Sans' Secret (GIF), Enjoy Every Second, Die in a Blaster Fire, Lost in the Moment, It's Just a Freezing Memory (GIF), Rise from your Grave, Forces of Determination, Silence Please.

Note: Lancer Boi and Sexy Fish were originally Legendary, while Delete This Ralsei was the only Generated Avatar, being rewarded for completing all Quests during April Fools 2019's 'Fish Week'. April Fools 2020 added Number One as another Legendary, but when the others were made available in the Shop again, DTR was with them and made a Legendary. Soon after, it became Generated again, but this was now also applied to the other 3 Skins. (They all stayed available in the Shop.)