Avatars were added in Beta 18.1 to promote Undercards' new UCP Currency, as these are only able to be bought with UCP.

General Information

Avatars are just for show, able to be seen next to your name anywhere: In the Home Menu, on your profile page, your profile page in the chat and in battle. Various items and characters from Undertale are shown on these, most of which look slightly or completely different from their card counterpart. Some also just have their head shown, like the face images main characters have in their dialogue box in Undertale.

There are quite a few similarities between Avatars and Cards:

  • There are the 5 Rarities of Common, Rare, Epic, Legend and Determination.
    • Note: There were no Determination Avatars on release.
  • Each Avatar of the same Rarity costs the same amount of UCP.
  • The higher the Rarity, the more UCP they cost to get.
    • Common: 0 UCP
    • Rare: 100 UCP
    • Epic: 200 UCP
    • Legend: 300 UCP
    • Determination: 500 UCP
  • The original Common, Rare and Epic Avatars were colourless.

Current Avatars

Common (7)

Froggit, Migosp, Loox, Vegetoid, Whimsun, Moldsmal, Dummy.

Rare (28)

Annoying Dog, Beggining Flowey, Cactus, Calm Dummy, Corrupted Big Bob, Crosshair, Cute and Annoying, Disco, Everyman, Flight, Frozen Lamp, Happy Ghost, Happy Vulkin, Hidden Human, Intrigued Fox Head, Lesser Dog, Long Dog, Lover Plane, Mini Frog, Ragel, Reader Librarian, Ribbit, Sick Temmie, Singing River Person, Surprised Snowdrake, Temmie, Timid Mouse, Tree.

Epic (33)

Alphys, Asriel Dreemurr, Chaos Saber Asriel, Cooking Teacher, Cool Papyrus, Dark Darker, Flower Goat, Flowey, Follower Kid, Gaster Blaster, Goat Power, Green Flame, Guard Dogamy, Guard Dogaressa, Happy Goat, Hoi!!, Hyper Goner, Leader Susie, Little Monster, Nice Cream Vendor, Power of NEO, Reading Toriel, Sad DJ, Sad Tea, Spider Dance, Staring Goner Kid, Stay Determined, Sunset Asgore, Thinking Drake, Timid Asriel, Very Interesting, Woofenstein, 1 Damage.

Legend (52)

Angry Sans, Best Employee, Chaos Saber, Christmas Noelle, Colored Sparks God, Cool Dude, Cool Skeleton 95, Cry Baby of Death, Cute Dictator, Cute Mew Mew, Defensive Susie, Determination, Fighting Papyrus, Fight Me, Final Warning, Foolish, Get Dunked On, Glitched Gaster, Glowing Ralsei, Goat Mama, God of Hyperdeath, Golden Flower, Happy Nacarat Jester, Happy Nerd, Hawaii Dancer, Hopes and Dreams, Hot Barman, Hyped Catty, Justice, Kawaii Onion, Little Bad Guy, No Mercy, Noodles, Nyehehe, Old Turtle, Opera Mode, Photoshop Flowey, Prophet, Shopping Time, So Cool, Spear of Justice, Spell Caster Ralsei, Standing Rouxls Kaard, Summer Undyne, Super Star, Tea Time, Tem Shop, The Carrier, Try Harder, TV Star, Void, Your Best Friend.

Determination (12)

Big Eyes Chara, Control, Dark Knight, Erase, Flirt, Happy Chara, Partner, Save, The Hero, Together Forever, True Hero, Your Worst Nightmare.

Old Avatars

Common (0)

Rare (8)

Big Bob, Bomb, Rare Bot, RG 02, Shyren (without Agent), Soothing, Vulkin's Cloud, Vulkin.

Epic (2)

Epic Bot, Undyne (Dating Outfit).

Legend (8)

Gerson, Legendary Bot, MT Ebott, Onion San, Pirate Undyne, Sexy Fish, Trader Temmie, Shopping.

Determination (1)