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Burgerpants is a good card for a high-risk, high-reward playstyle. It's a cheap Taunt with average stats, but will give both players 5G at the end of every turn that he is still alive. Ideally, the first turn that you place him, you will have a profit of 2G at the end of your turn but your enemy will have an extra 5G when their turn begins. He's best played early in the game if you're holding onto a lot of high-cost cards, after which you should still be able to slam down your late game threats and make it more difficult for your opponent early on—however you should consider waiting until you have a guaranteed board clear in hand in case playing Burgerpants puts you at a disadvantage.

Burgerpants himself is a fairly decent card on his own, having 4/3 in stats at the cost of 3G. However he also has taunt, meaning your opponent can't just ignore him if he's on the board. But with only 3 HP, this makes him an easy target for cards such as Tiny Tornado. His effect will trigger at the end of every turn that he stays alive, so assuming that he survives for another turn it will be up for you to decide if leaving him alive will increase your advantage or put you at a greater disadvantage than before.

Burgerpants is workable in a Determination deck, given its access to the powerful Hyper Goner. However, there are a number of slower alternatives with cost-reducing abilities such as Lesser Dog or Berdly Plush if giving your opponent a gold advantage is a primary concern.

Card Skins

Best Employee

  • Best Employee (by Darky)

    This is fine

  • This is fine (by Jake Horror)


  • His first Card Skin and Avatar was originally called "Employe of the Month" (which had a typo).