Casual Undyne was added in Beta 16.0, during Halloween 2017. Previous Versions can be found here.

Casual Undyne is a great monster that can quickly do lots of DMG to the opponent if not dealt with properly. When she kills a monster or a monster that attacks her dies, the remaining DMG she dealt to that monster with will be dealt to the enemy player. This means that normally, if she kills a monster with 1 HP, the opponent will take 6 DMG.


Undertale OST - Spear of Justice (Version 2)

Undertale OST - Spear of Justice (Version 2)

Theme: 0:18 - 0:22

This card works well against monsters with very low HP, so it may work well against bravery decks.

Since she is going to need to finish off the monster to make her effect activate, the best decks to choose would be Justice or possibly Perseverance which like to keep enemy monsters at low HP.

Lots of monsters with low health in late-game may also have high attack, so choosing Kindness and using spells (Namely Pie and Longevity) will help keep her alive and doing lots of damage.

Using this with Papyrus Statue on your board may help you do two extra damage with each kill, and with the help of Loren can make you do tons of damage to the opponent with each kill!

Card Skins

Card Skin (Casual Undyne)

1 Damage

  • 1 Damage (by Darky)
    Card Skin (Casual Undyne) 2

    Cooking Teacher

  • Cooking Teacher (by Moonlightring)
    Card Skin (Casual Undyne) 3


  • Besties! (by Jake Horror)
    • Also received an Emote.
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