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Undercards Wikia

Rarities are split up into seven tiers. The first five can be gotten through packs, and in order of increasing tier and lower chance to receive are: Common (white), Rare (blue), Epic (purple), Legendary (gold) and Determination (red). Exclusively unable to be gotten through packs are the last two rarities: Base (grey) and Generated/Token (green).

Cards with the rarity 'Determination' are reserved for characters strongly linked with Determination. They are very difficult to obtain and are the rarest cards in Undercards.

DT cards are represented by a red colored heart on the bottom center of a card. They are limited to 1 of each per deck just like Legendary cards are. However, in Ranked, only 1 DT card in total is allowed, rather than 1 of each kind.

DT monsters are always immune to Silence. This is not an actual ability and the DT rarity is coded to have this effect. As such, any new DT monster will also be immune to Silence, while all other rarity monsters can never have it.

Whenever you place a Legendary or DT, it will play a short part of the monster's theme (for example, placing Sans would play Megalovania for a short time).

Ways to Obtain

Normal and Shiny Packs have a very, very low chance of giving you a DT, being a mere 0.01%, or 1 in 10K.

Final Packs also grant DT cards. You get them by by reaching level 200 or buying them for 25€ after reaching LV25. They can also be given out during special events. Final Packs always give a Rare, Epic, Legendary and DT.

You can also Craft DT cards. Rather than using Dust to craft DT cards, you must use 4 DT Fragments to craft a DT card. (You also receive Fragments by disenchanting DT's.) Unlike normal crafting, you can't choose the DT you want. You instead get a random DT monster that you don't already own. (Once you have one of each, crafting more DTs will give you shiny DTs that you don't already own.)

DT fragments are rewarded at the end of the season to players who are RUBY or higher. Being RUBY or DIAMOND rewards 1 DT Fragment, and being LEGEND grants 2.

You can also get DT fragments by completing Goal quests.

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