Chaos Duck and Apoca Duck were added in Beta 30.0. Previous Versions can be found here.

When used, Chaos Duck will turn a monster of your choice into an Apoca Duck, which has the same stats of 5/5, but has an halved cost of 4G compaired to Chaos Duck's 8G and no effect.

This is very useful, especially against cards like Frisk and The Heroine, which will be deleted in the process, similar to using Dimensional Box. However, unlike the Box, this doesn't need a 2nd card to combo with and has +5 ATK, at the cost of +2G (which would even cost 1 less from a combo with Doggo, and still keep a better stat total with +1/+2) and the opponent getting a 5/5 body.

Ever since Beta 39.1, it can also be used to transform one of your own monsters if you want. Best used on cards that lack power (as a result of an enemy Toriel), a useful passive and/or Dust effect, or monsters that you received that have no use to you, like Tree outside a Will deck.

However, due to Apoca Duck not having an effect like Charge or Haste, it is unable to attack right away. So make sure you used up the monster's attack if it has one beforehand.

Card Skins

Card Skin (Chaos Duck)

Top: Chaothic Change Bottom: Apocad

  • Chaothic Change (by Diamaincrah)
    • Apocad (sold seperately)
      Card Skin (Chaos Duck) 2

      Ready to Thrash

  • Ready to Thrash (by Asrite)
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