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Chara was recently changed into a completely new card. You can see its past versions here.

Chara is one of the more famous Determination-rarity cards due to its past versions, which almost always resulted in instant victories.

As of Beta 31.2, Chara has been reworked and changed completely, removing its instant win function and replacing it with a much watered down version with a complete new approach.



Toby Fox - Megalo Strike Back *EXTENDED* - I Miss You - EarthBound 2012

Plays when Chara is summoned (0:42 - 0:49).

Chara has double the base cost of Frisk at 14G, but quite solid base 10 ATK and HP, the same body as Asriel Dreemurr, allowing you to expand its board control purpose. This can expand further with its Ability, which gives you the Genocide Artifact (similar to Gerson who adds up to 4 different other artifacts), which adds a Real Knife to your hand for that turn, a similar situation to Telescope.

The Real Knife will kill any enemy monster of your choice for a mere 3G, but with a negative side effects, just like the regular Knife. That is because with every Real Knife used, the Genocide counter (which is visable on the Artifact Icon, much like Soulless Kris' Outbreak Artifact) will increase by 1. Afterwards, your max HP will be reduced equal to the number of counters. That means that after your first Real Knife, your max HP is reduced by 1, while after the second it's reduced by 2, and so on.

Because of that, it's not adviced to use a Real Knife whenever you can, as the reduction can ramp up very quickly (much like Fatigue DMG).

Genocide Artifact

The special Game Over screen originally seen when lost due to the =) Game End type.

"Turn start: Add a Real Knife to your hand. Turn end: Remove all Real Knives from your hand."

Using Frisk or Rouxls Kaard will not prevent the reduction. And because current HP can't be higher than your max HP, both numbers will go down no matter what if they're equal.

Spectators will see "End game type: =)" when someone has lost against a player equiped with this Artifact (or those that died to Chara's Magic prior to Beta 31.2). However, the player that lost USED TO get a special losing sequence as well:

  • The screen will be covered with red '9' instead of showing a breaking soul.
  • 'YOU DIED' (in red) will appear instead of 'GAME OVER' (in white).
  • The music 'But Nobody Came' plays instead of 'Determination'.



Using Chara will require you to act quickly before your opponent (or even you) can kill you.

Make sure to always keep your board with at least 2 or more big monsters, creating a bigger board pressure and control so that you won't need to rely entirely on the Real Knives. Use the hefty monster killing to your advantage, prioritizing those that your monsters can't deal with as easily.

Using Innkeeper and the Health Artifact is useful to offset the max HP reduction. Maintaining a board by healing your monsters is also recommended, since the board control power that Chara runs always makes it benefitial to keep monsters on board to quickly kill your opponent.

Chara's stats are also powerful, so try to use them a lot before your opponent can get rid of it. In case the opponent does get rid of it instantly, plan further and make sure you have enough gold and cards in hand to summon over your opponent's counters.


The punishment your opponent has to take for the easy kill can be made heavily to your advantage. You can also not deal with the artifact if you make your opponent overdraw their Chara, or use Receptionist 3 to get rid of its effect, but not its body.

Due to Chara's effect only giving their owner an Artifact that can't stack, a good way to cripple the opponent is by bouncing them with Endogeny, as that will effectively turn Chara into an effectless 10/10 for 14G. Even if cards like Chaos Duck or Red Bird target and transform it, the Genocide artifact will not be removed.

Just like your opponent, you must make sure to summon many monsters over killed ones to claim board control. This can force the opponent to use a Real Knife more often, which can give you the opening you need to win.

If you notice the opponent stalling for gold and/or board control, make sure to prepare your gold reserve and hand size in case this card is used.

Card Skins


  • Control (by Moonlightring)


  • Erase (by Darky)

    Together Forever

  • Together Forever (by Martb.y)


  • Partner (by Zoomlightbulbs)

    Happy Chara

  • Happy Chara (by Moonlightring)

    Big Eyes Chara

  • Big Eyes Chara (by Asrite)

    Yellow Flowers Chara

  • Yellow Flowers Chara (by BlueKitty12)

    Spiteful Angel

  • Spiteful Angel (by Asrite)

    Chara's Rush

  • Chara's Rush (by Jacky Bunny - Fan Artist)
    • Originally available through the UCP Shop.

      Fox Child

  • Fox Child (by Asrite)

    Glowing Determination

  • Glowing Determination (by Asrite)

    Demon in Disguise

  • Demon in Disguise (by Diamaincrah)

    Pianist Chara

  • Pianist Chara (by Kazma)

    A Snowy Memory

  • A Snowy Memory (by Shionbluu)
    • Only available through Christmas (2020) Bundle.

      Psycho Manga Chara

  • Psycho Manga Chara (by Nasrin_AnoirX)

    What Does the Chara Say

  • What Does the Chara Say (by Asrite)


  • Scrapbooking (by Oranjican)


  • Currently, Chara is tied with Frisk for having the most skins, at 16.
  • The file for Chara's Rush used to be 30x as big as any Skin before it upon release. This was fixed in 1-2 weeks.
    • The only exception to this is Susie's 2nd Skin, Fight Me (also made by Jacky), which was also bigger than the others upon release but since fixed (before this Skin's release). However, it was only 10x as big.
  • Glowing Determination is the first Skin that covers the entire card on different layers, rather than only filling in the 'Image Box'.
    • At the same time, all 11 Mythic Skins existing at this point (5 from UCP Bundles, 5 from Pass Quests and Golden Muffet) received the same treatment, adding 'Full' to their file name.
      • Beta 54.0 made both versions of all Mythic Skins available.