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Coffin was added during the Halloween update of Beta 16.0. Previous Versions can be found here.


Coffin has the ability to let you see 2 monsters from your dustpile and choose 1 of them to be caught (thus removed from your dustpile). Its Dust will simply summon the chosen monster, like all other Catch Cards function.

However, there are a lot of limitations:

  • It won't show other Coffins.
  • It won't show any duplicates.
  • It won't show monsters with a cost equal or higher than the current turn number.
  • Out of the remaining monsters, it will show the cheapest ones. If 3 or more of your dead monsters are all different and have the same lowest cost, the game will choose 2 randomly out of them.


This can be useful early game when there isn't that much of of a choice which monster could be summoned. It can be used on some more expensive monsters and on Charge and Haste ones. The main strength of the card is that you will always know what exactly it is going to summon (however, the opponent can know as well simply by checking the catch icon).


Like always, Silence can stop this effect. Due to Coffin's user now getting to choose a card to eventually be summoned from Coffin, cards like Punk Hamster and Annoying Dog that may ultimately provide the opponent with cheap unwanted cards in their dustpile are not very effective anymore. On the contrary, transforming cards like Red Bird are instead much more effective as it'll erase the caught monster entirely alongside the Coffin (unless it turns into a new Coffin, but that still removes the caught monster).

Card Skins


  • Empty (by Moonlightring)

    Tranquility Time (GIF)

  • Tranquility Time (GIF by Virsenus)
    • Originally available through Summer Pack Bundle.


  • Coffin is one of the two first Rare cards to gain a Card Skin (the other being Temmie).
  • Coffin introduced the term "dustpile" to the game.