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Cracked Table was added in Beta 50.1, alongside its Generated Tea Set. Previous Versions can be found here. For those of Tea Set, see here

Since Beta 53.0, Cracked Table's Magic adds a Tea Set to your hand. Tea Set's cost will either be 2G or 1G, depending on who currently has lower HP. If yours is lower, it will be 1G. If the enemy's HP is higher (or as high), it will be 2G. As such, you should avoid using this card if the enemy's HP => your HP.

Effectively, Tea Set is a very powerful spell, able to restore 4 HP to a target of your choice. And if a monster was targeted, it will gain +1/+1 on top of it.

Card Skins


Visit at Undyne's

  • The Spear in the Table (by Diamaincrah)
    • Relax With Some Tea (sold seperately)
  • Visit at Undyne's (by Emerald.)
    • Only available through Undercards Tournament 2021.