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Echo Flower Beta 7.1

The Echo Flower was added in Beta 3.0 as an alternative to Cloning for those who didn't use the Integrity deck. The only difference is that you clone/copy a card from your opponent.

When placed, it will copy a random opponent's card in their hand and put the clone into your hand, with a 1G cost drop. This will not copy any of the additional stats added onto it such as increased hp or attack, cheaper cost etc., but will instead copy over the original version to your hand. Copied cards can include those like the Gaster Blaster and Doodlebog who don't typically exist without summoning. It can clone spells of your opponent's class without problems.


  • Beta 7.1 buffed Echo Flower from 4 HP to 6 HP. This has been done so that Echo Flower has the exact same base stats as it's only flower counterpart: Flowey now in terms of ATK, HP and Cost.
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