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Card Skin (Endogeny)


Endogeny is another Amalgamate card and as such can be summoned/created by Alphys and be reduced to 6G. It is also a Dog, so it's able to be summoned/created by Dog House and Dog Food as well.

Its stats are relatively weak (especially for its price), however it causes a random enemy monster to be placed back into the opponent's hand when put on the field. This is particularly useful when wishing to prevent the attack of a powerful enemy card or remove a Taunt from the field on your turn.

It is recommended to destroy as many of the opponent's cards on the board besides the target card before using this to increase the chances of the target card being sent back.

If the opponent has a full hand, the returned card sent back will instead be destroyed. (This will activate the card's Dust unless otherwise stated.)

Especially useful when the opponent can only afford to place one card down onto their otherwise empty field, effectively preventing the opponent from attacking for a turn. Best used in control and Dog orientated decks, such as those used with the Integrity soul type.

Card Skin: Woofenstein


Endogeny is the first Amalgamate to gain a card skin.

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