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Endogeny is another Amalgamate card and as such can be summoned/created by Alphys and be reduced to 7G. It's also a Dog, so able to be summoned/created by Dog House and Dog Food as well.

Since Beta 46.0, Endogeny makes use of the Synergy effect added in this update. This is basically a Magic effect that only triggers if you have played a monster of the same Tribe as it beforehand in the same turn. Due to it lacking any other effect, it's only recommended to be used in either an Amalgamate or Dog Deck (or a combination of the two).

It has slightly more use in an Amalgamate (or duo) Deck, as Dog Decks already have Bone Painting available.

Card Skins

Card Skin (Endogeny)


  • Woofenstein (by Darky)
    Card Skin (Endogeny) 2


  • Fetch (by BlueKitty)


  • Endogeny is the first Amalgamate to gain a card skin.
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