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Everyman is a relatively unique monster in that it can't be hurt during its turn. This means any attacking that it does will not result in damage to Everyman.

Keep in mind that this does not work whilst defending, unlike with cards such as Mad Dummy or those with Dodge or Armor. As such, it's good to use this alongside one or two monsters with Taunt, preferably Lemon Bread.

Also keep in mind that insta-kill effects like Hyper Goner will still be able to kill it, as well as those of the likes of Asgore and Spade King if Everyman's HP meets the requirements, but not high DMG type of effects like Mettaton NEO's Dust.

Everyman is also an Amalgamate meaning that it can be added to your hand by Alphys and will cost 5G.


Since Beta 19.0, it gained a Magic effect that, since Beta 41.1, makes an exact copy of an ally Amalgamate to be added to your hand. This makes Everyman function as the all-class version of Cloning, albeit Tribe limited. This makes it a useful asset to an Amalgamate deck, for its Magic can keep your hand filled up if needed to make Lemon Bread's Magic trigger. This is most effective on Amalgamates drawn through Reaper Bird's effect, as the HP buff and Candy will be cloned over as well.

Be warned that as of Beta 42.0, it can't target another Everyman. And although the card doesn't mention it anymore, it still makes an EXACT copy.

Card Skins

Cruel Fate Everyman

  • Cruel Fate Everyman (by Jake Horror)

    Death by Butterflies

  • Death by Butterflies (by BlueKitty)

    Butterfly Attack

  • Butterfly Attack (by Asrite)