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Final Froggit is a strong monster with an ability to give +1/+1 to all Frogs on your board, in your hand and in your deck, with the exception of itself and other Final Froggits. Thus the monsters affected are Froggit, Tiny Froggit, Reaper Bird and Thrashing Machine, as well as monsters obtained from Evil Blueprints.

Keep in mind that Frogs (aside from other Final Froggits) in your deck also have their cost increased by 1G, so try to have as many Frogs in your hand and on your board before using this to avoid that.

It's good in a Frog-based Bravery Deck due to their access to Froggit Trio, providing more Frogs for the player to use.

Card Skins

Final Encounter

  • Final Encounter (by Jake Horror)


  • Isolate (by Jake Horror)
    • Originally available through Vaporwave Bundle.