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Flowey is a fairly normal card for its price, whose main ability is revival. When he dies, he will be placed back into your hand with 1 less base stat on all stats. Once he reaches 1 or less base ATK, he turns into demon flowey. There are multiple ways to put more than one flowey per player in play at a time such as:

  • Obtaining from opponent's hand with echo flower
  • Duplicating with spells or mad mew mew
  • Having 2 in your deck from the update

Card Skins

Your Best Friend

  • Your Best Friend (by Darky)

    Golden Flower

  • Golden Flower (by Moonlightring)

    Beggining Flowey

  • Beggining Flowey (by Asrite)

    Spoopy Goopy

  • Spoopy Goopy (by Asrite)
    • No longer available.

      Friends until the end

  • Friends until the end (by Jake Horror)

    Despite Everything

  • Despite Everything (by Asrite)

    Omega Flowey Costume

  • Omega Flowey Costume (by Shionbluu)
    • Only available through Halloween (2020) Bundle.

      Meowey the Meower

  • Meowey the Meower (by Asrite)


  • Flowey is the first monster that is not Legendary or Determination to receive a Card Skin. (ths was before he was changed)
  • Flowey's 3rd Skin has a typo, as it's meant to be 'Beginning'.
  • User DisbelInterGeno has 2 in his determination deck