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Flowey is a fairly normal card for its price, whose main ability is to be placed back into the deck with +3/+3/+3 when it dies. Unfortunately, it will also be Silenced, meaning its Dust will not be able to trigger a second time. Under most circumstances, it makes this card usable only twice. The only exceptions are:

However, he has Haste, so a good idea is to place Flowey and make it attack a monster with 5 or more ATK, killing itself right away to avoid the chance of it being removed, and unable to return to your deck. Since its lives are limited, you can also more freely add Taunt to it with Protection (in Patience) or Glad Dummy (in general). With the Flowey generated by its Dust effect, it has a pretty good stat of 6/5/8 with Haste, so you can use it to kill strong enemies and still survive.

Afterwards, you can use one of the aformentioned strategies to re-use it. However, it will revert to a 3/2/5 when using one of the resetting options. Another thing to keep in mind is that it no longer keeps its ATK buffs, meaning the Silenced copy will always appear with 5 ATK, no matter the ATK stat of the previous Flowey.

Card Skins

Your Best Friend

  • Your Best Friend (by Darky)

    Golden Flower

  • Golden Flower (by Moonlightring)

    Beggining Flowey

  • Beggining Flowey (by Asrite)

    Spoopy Goopy

  • Spoopy Goopy (by Asrite)
    • No longer available.

      Friends until the end

  • Friends until the end (by Jake Horror)

    Despite Everything

  • Despite Everything (by Asrite)

    Omega Flowey Costume

  • Omega Flowey Costume (by Shionbluu)
    • Only available through Halloween (2020) Bundle.

      Meowey the Meower

  • Meowey the Meower (by Asrite)


  • Flowey is the first monster that is not Legendary or Determination to receive a Card Skin.
  • Flowey's 3rd Skin has a typo, as it's meant to be 'Beginning'.