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Friendship is a game mechanic added in version 48.0

Ways to increase Friendship

Friendship is gained in several ways:

  • Having a monster in your deck at the start of the game.
    • Note: this does not count for any monster generated during the game
  • Placing monsters
  • Attacking enemies
  • Killing enemy monsters

Reward list and Friendship required to level up

Every 5 levels will reward you with some possible reward like gold, dust, packs (both normal and Delta) and UCP. Every 25 levels the color bar will change (following the same order as the ranks in ranked mode until Diamond at level 175). The last reward is at level 200 (40 UCP)

Frienship mechanic teaser from season 47

Friendship leaderboard


  • Your cards can gain bonus XP from the Experience Artifact (+50%), Contributer status (+25%) and being shiny (+50%).
  • If you have a card skin equipped to a certain monster, the card skin is shown in the Friendship menu instead of the sprite.
  • The friendship leaderboard got added in version 48.1