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Undercards Wikia

Froggit is tied with Moldsmal for being the most basic card in the game: 

  • Low stats of 2/3 (3/2 for Moldsmal);
  • Low cost of 2G;
  • Lowest rarity (Common);
  • No ability;
  • Highly used in the Tutorial Fight;
  • Basic card (3 in collection at all times).

    Avatar sprite.

But despite that, it can still be useful, especially in a Frog centered Bravery Deck due to its access to Froggit Trio (whose given Froggits can be buffed by Overgrowth).

Froggit can also be used as a card to buff others, such as Politics Bear and Whimsalot.  

Card Skins


  • Ribbit (by Zoomlightbulbs)

    Sleeping Froggit

  • Sleeping Froggit (by Jake Horror)


  • Hollow (by Jake Horror)
    • Originally available through Vaporwave Bundle.