-Cards that cannot be crafted in the Crafting menu and can only be obtained through other cards.

Right now there's 22 Generated cards, 14 Monsters, 2 spells and 2 Artifacts that can generate cards. -Beta 28.0

GENERATED - Generated Rarity icon that was suggested on official UC Discord server. This icon wasn't official until Beta 30.


Annoying Dog - Adds Dog Residue to the opponent's hand after you play it.

Gift Bear - Generates Gift card at the end of its owner's turn.

Bunbun - Generates Bun after you play it.

Dad Slime - Summon two Kid Slimes in the board upon death.

So Sorry - Adds 2 Doodlebogs to its owner's hand.

Rock - Generates a Pebble upon death.

Dancer Mettaton - Generates Mettabot whenever Dancer Mettaton attacks and kills a monster.

Temmie - Adds Temmiy (aka Temmie 2) to its owner's hand upon death.

Snail Trainer - Adds Thundersnail to its owner's hand if there's 2+ ally snails.

Onion-San - Generates 2 Tentacles adjacent to it.

Angel of Death - Fills empty slots with random Lost Souls upon death.

Sans, Gaster and Lost Soul 3 - They add Gaster Blasters. 
Sans and Lost Soul 3 add them to your hand, 
while Gaster adds them to your deck.

Omega Flowey - Saves the Board and adds Load spell to your hand.


Sacrifice - Adds a random Lost Soul to your hand after killing an ally.

Octofriend - Summons both Tentacles adjacent to selected ally.


Science - Adds 5 Gaster Blasters to your deck. 
Also makes ANY Gaster Blaster you cast deal 1 bonus Damage.

Mines - Adds 1 Little Mine, 1 Mine and 1 Big Mine
to your opponent's deck at the start of the game.

Monsters (Undertale)

Monsters (Deltarune)

Lost Souls