Gerson is the 11th and final card revealed on Twitter (seen here) for Beta 18.1, as the Legendary for the update. Previous Versions can be found here.
Undertale OST - Shop (Gerson) Extended

Undertale OST - Shop (Gerson) Extended

0:00 - 0:05

He costs 8G for 3/4 and Armor (2), but also has a Magic effect that gives you a random Artifact only he can give in addition to the ones you already have. When using this Magic again, he will give you a random one out of the 3 he still has. As a result, after placing him 4 times, his effect doesn't work anymore.


Cloudy Glasses

  • Start of turn: Give +1 HP to a random ally monster.

Crab Apple

  • Start of turn: Give +1 ATK to a random ally monster.

Sea Tea

  • Start of turn: Restore 3 HP to a random damaged ally monster.

Torn Notebook

  • Start of turn: Deal 1 DMG to a random enemy monster.

Card Skins

Card Skin (Gerson)

Old Turtle

  • Old Turtle (by Moonlightring)
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