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Card Skin (Glad Dummy)

Happy Ghost

The Glad Dummy, added in Beta 5.1 is the first card to be able to give taunt to other cards, no longer making assigning taunts to cards a Patience deck exclusive.

Because of its effect, the Glad Dummy is quite useful in most decks with the possible exception of decks created to rush the enemy.

The Glad Dummy is best placed when a high HP/useful ability ally monster is on the field, similar to using Protection. Such cards may include Astigmatism, Mettaton, Mettaton NEO, Mad Dummy and Snow Poff.

Because of this, it's useful in both the late and early game stages, in particular with a Kindness or Patience deck. Due to it also having taunt however, it's important to remember that the opponent may choose to destroy the Glad Dummy first before the powerful monster the taunt is assigned to.

Card Skin: Happy Ghost


  • Beta 8.3 changed its stats to 1/6. This may be refrencing the stats of its non-Genocide counterpart Mad Dummy, who is a 6/1 monster.
  • Glad Dummy is one of the two first cards whose Card Skin have a Rare Avatar version of it, the other being Lamp.
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