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At first sight, Glyde seems very weak for its cost, being a mere 2/2 for 6G. However, with its Magic, it's able to gain +1/+1 for each card in your hand when played.

This means that at most, it can get +6/+6 (as it doesn't count itself), for a total of 8/8 for 6G. This makes it a good addition in a heavy draw or control deck.


Its biggest counter is a silencer, which brings it back to a mere 2/2.


  • Since Beta 30.0, it brought back the effect that belonged to Lemon Bread before its redesign in Beta 7.1.
    • In Beta 30.0, it was identical to Lemon Bread's Alpha 2.7 version as a 7/6/6 (when its ATK and HP dropped from 3 to 2).
    • In Beta 31.0, Glyde dropped to 6G. This is also identical to Lemon Bread's next change in Beta 6.5.