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Goner Kid was released during the Beta 5.3 Halloween 2016 update. It is a Follower introducing the Future effect (though being the only one not having one, instead just working with it). As of Beta 46.0, this effect has been replaced by Synergy.

Goner Kid is very expensive as an 8G for a mere 4/3, but its Magic lets it kill a random other monster instantly. If you lack any other monster, this will always target an enemy monster (making it more on par with Jevil's Devilsknife spell).

Since Synergy effects trigger when you have played a monster of the same Tribe beforehand on the same turn, its Synergy will replace its Magic and always target a random enemy monster. This makes it perfectly safe to use right after another Follower.

Card Skins

Follower Kid

  • Follower Kid (by Martb.y)

    Staring Goner Kid

  • Staring Goner Kid (by BlueKitty12)

    Getting Lost

  • Getting Lost (by Diamaincrah)


  • Upon release, Goner Kid shared the same 2/2/2 with its "real" counterpart Monster Kid.
    • Since Beta 8.3, this is no longer the case.
  • When first released in Beta 9.3, Redacted was able to give Goner Kids with its Future effect.
    • Since Beta 10.1, this is no longer the case.
  • Beta 30.0 added Tribe icons, and Goner Kid was in the Follower Tribe. However, Beta 30.1 reworded its and Redacted's wording to mention the Tribe, and this made Goner Kid lose its Tribe right away.
    • Since Beta 46.0, it is now fully part of the Tribe.