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Hyper Goner is a Determination deck specific effect card. When used, it destroys all monsters on the field of play, including your own. In addition to the 11G required to cast it, it also requires you to destroy another card in your hand unless you have 10 HP or less.


The need to burn a card might encourage the average user to hold onto Hyper Goner as a last resort, lest they destroy an important card in exchange for a board wipe. The chances are if you're already looking at a Hyper Goner in your hand, you should just use it anyway if you think you're up against the wall.

If you have to burn a card to use it, keep in mind that there are no limits to what cards in hand you can target. This works fairly well with the Genocide artifact, since it generates a Real Knife every turn; this Real Knife, in return, can be used as free fuel for a Hyper Goner. You can also burn cards that are otherwise detrimental to you, such as a Punk Hamster given to you by your opponent or an Irresistible Deal.

Keep in mind that Hyper Goner does not kill all monsters instantly, instead killing monsters from left to right on board. It will also not kill the monsters summoned due to another monster's Dust effect, like Rock's Pebble, Dimensional Box's captured monster, Lamp's summon and The Heroine.

Card Skins


  • Void (by Zoomlightbulbs)