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Hyper Goner is a Determination deck specific effect card. When used, it destroys all monsters on the field of play, including your own. Additionally, the cost of the card is reduced by 1G for every 2 HP you are missing, up to a 15G cost reduction (and a minimum price of 8G to use).

The cost reduction relies on your HP total; thus, healing yourself for 4 HP will increase this card's cost by 2G, and vice versa.

Hyper Goner checks your max HP for its calculations; as such, cards like Innkeeper and artifacts like Genocide that amplify your max HP affect this spell's cost. In fact, without increased max HP, you will never be able to use it at its lowest cost of 8G, as it requires you to have 30 HP missing.


Because of the exorbitant cost, it is recommended to use it when you have around 10 or less HP, so you won't waste more gold than you need to for a simple board wipe. However, in most situations, it is not recommended to use a Knife to bring your HP lower to use this, as it already requires an enemy monster to be killed. (In theory, if you have the HP and Gold, you can use Knife on Angel of Death and use Hyper Goner to kill the summoned Lost Souls.) A good strategy would be to hold you money if you know you'll survive the next turn. And when your turn starts, use this, followed by Asriel Dreemurr.

As mentioned before, increasing your max HP allows you to reduce the spell's cost more safely, and increase Asriel Dreemurr's effective use. As such, Innkeeper as well as the Health Artifact are good additions to any Determination Deck.

Keep in mind that HG does not kill all monsters instantly, instead killing monsters from left to right on board. It will also not kill the monsters summoned due to another monster's Dust effect, like Rock's Pebble, Dimensional Box's captured monster (so you can save your other cards with it), Lamp's summon and The Heroine.

Card Skins


  • Void (by Zoomlightbulbs)