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Ice is a good taunt card which has just 1 ATK but a high HP stat of 7 for the cost of 4G, making it the more durable but less damaging counterpart to Jerry.

It's obvious, but Ice is Ice Cap without it's cap, so despite its appearance it is in fact a monster as it speaks in game.

Especially useful in Kindness Decks when combinated with Longevity for longer duration. And to take it a step further, you can use Madjick to swap it's ATK and HP to give it enourmous ATK.

As of Beta 7.4, this card took Moldbygg's ability to paralyze monsters that gets damaged by it, so it's now even more useful in a Patience Deck. This ability has been nerfed in Beta 12.1, however, as it now only paralyzes the monster that kills it. Though, it can now paralyze a monster even if it got killed by its ability.


To counter Ice, you can use the same methods as most other 1 ATK monsters, by using Muffet's Pet or Madjick in comination with a weak monster.