For his Boss Battle, see Jevil: Boss.

Jevil is Beta 39.1's Legendary card, added after a long time of waiting ever since Deltarune cards were first added in Beta 30.0. Previous Versions can be found here.




When played, Jevil allows you to select one of five unique Chaos Weapons (which have their own tribe, similar to Angel of Death's Lost Souls, but are as of now exclusive to him). These Weapons are 0G spells whose effects are as follows (and you can follow the link to get to the respective Weapon's Previous Versions Page):

  • Devilsknife: Kill a random enemy monster.
  • Spade Chaos: Deal DMG to all enemies equal to your empty board slots.
  • Heart Chaos: Restore 7 HP to all allies.
  • Diamond Chaos: Draw up to 3 cards, and reduce their cost by 2G each.
  • Club Chaos: Cast 7 <= 4G spells randomly.

As such, Jevil is an incredibly flexible monster that provides an effect that best suits your needs at the time.


Jevil is a very versatile monster in UC and is suitable for many different tasks.

  • Devilsknife is perfect for single target removal, although as the target is random, make sure you can isolate the monster you want to kill.
  • Spade Chaos should be used to wipe a board when your side is empty similar to Strafe, and can also work well with Asgore, although the latter is quite expensive.
  • Heart Chaos can act as a quick boost of health when you and your monsters are at low health.
  • Diamond Chaos is helpful when you are in need of cards. A good thing to know is that not only does each drawn card get a 2G discount, you will not overdraw or trigger Fatigue with its effect.
  • Club Chaos can be entertaining to use, but should be used with caution as the spells cast are random and can either help or harm you. Ideally, Club Chaos should be used as a last resort, hoping that whatever Club Chaos casts leaves you at an advantage or at least neutralizes your opponent's advantage.

Counters and Weaknesses

  • Receptionist 3 can negate Jevil's effect by dumping Jevil on to the board without activating Magic.
  • Forcing the enemy player to overdraw Jevil may be the best way to counter.
  • Jevil himself is somewhat weak in stats for being a 12 cost, as many monsters can overpower him easily.
  • Jevil's attack can be stolen by a Toriel leaving you with a 1/7.
  • Jevil's weapons are mostly luck or setup based, making them somewhat unreliable.

Card Skins

Ready for Chaos\JW\SS Sweet Sweet HP\BC\RP

  • Ready for Chaos (by Diamaincrah)
    • Jester's Weapon (sold separately)
    • Sharp Spades (sold separately)
    • Sweet Sweet HP (sold separately)
    • Backup Cards (sold separately)
    • Randomized Power (sold seperately)

      Little Devil

  • Little Devil (by Jacky Bunny - Fan Artist)
    • Only available through Pass Quests.

      Number One

  • Number One (by Kazma)
    • Only available during April Fools.


Jevil's Battle Background

  • The background of the Chaos Weapons is the same background used for the background during the fight against Jevil.
  • On Twitter, Undercards posted an "AN°MalY" showing Jevil as a glitched card.
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