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Kris, the 6th Determination card and 1st DT card from Deltarune, was added in Beta 30.0. Previous Versions can be found here.



Rude Buster

0:00 - 0:06

With Kris on the board, your entire team will power up with each attack, giving the attacking monster +2/+2. Because this buff is applied before the attack hits its target, your monsters will be dealing more damage right away and be more likely to survive the counter-attack.

This makes Kris a perfect support card, and due to them being Determination, their effect can't be silenced either. Keep in mind that they won't be affected by their own effect, thus combining them with a Taunt is a smart idea. If used in a Kindness Deck, their spells can also be used to keep Kris healthy.

Kris can be used with other support monsters like Hathy to increase a monster's attack by 3 (and buff each other). If combined with Hathy and the Veteran Artifact, a monster can gain +4/+2 each time it attacks an enemy.

Kris is very effective when used with low cost, Charge monsters like Temmie and Ice Cap as they can deal a lot of damage. This makes Kris quite good in Bravery decks as well.

The way to counter Kris is through cards that remove it from the board such as Expulsion and Dimensional Box. It can also be removed from the game by changing it into another card through the use of Red Bird.

Card Skins

Dark Knight

  • Dark Knight (by Moonlightring)

    Ready To Fight

  • Ready To Fight (by BlueKitty)

    Krispy Soul Dinner

  • Krispy Soul Dinner (by Asrite)
  • Love Knight (by Jacky Bunny - Fan Artist)
    • Originally available through Pass Quests.

      Possesed Kris

  • Possesed Kris (by Kazma)

    Souls of LOVE

  • Souls of LOVE (by Asrite)
    • Now belongs to Soulless Kris.

      Stand and Fight

  • Stand and Fight (by Diamaincrah)


  • Kris, along with Ralsei, were given a card skin and Avatar the moment they were released. Lancer came a few hours later.
  • Kris is the 1st Deltarune DT, and the 6th DT added into the game.