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Lamp is one of the 14 new cards added in Beta 7.6. Previous Versions can be found here.


Since Beta 56.0, when Lamp dies, a Snow Frisk will replace it, which has no ability but is a solid 2/2/2. This gives Snow Frisk 1 more ATK than Lamp itself since Beta 58.1. However, keep in mind that Lamp also lacks Taunt since then.

Card Skins

Hidden Human

  • Hidden Human (by Moonlightring)

    Frozen Lamp

  • Frozen Lamp (by Zoomlightbulbs)

    Wake Up Time (GIF)

  • Wake Up Time (GIF by Virsenus)
    • Only available through Halloween (2020) Bundle.


  • Lamp is the first common monster to gain a Card Skin.
  • Lamp is also one of the two first cards whose Card Skin have a Rare Avatar version of it, the other being Glad Dummy.