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Lancer was the first card shown (here) to be added in Beta 30.0, and as such, the first card from Deltarune as well. Previous Versions can be found here, while Previous Versions of Spade can be found here.

His Spades were kept a mystery until their release. But currently, as of Beta 56.0, they're 4G spells that deal 3 DMG to an enemy monster, which, at a first glance, makes it a worse Punishment. But if a Spade kills a monster, it'll effectively cast another spade, dealing 3 DMG to a random other enemy monster. However, it can't chain itself, so it's limited to 6 DMG.




Since Beta 49.1, Lancer adds 2 Spades to the user's hand when played, but also has a passive effect that makes enemy monsters take 2 more DMG from any spell, no matter which spell or even who or what casts it. This indeed includes the Spades, making them deal 5 DMG and thus easier to kill something.

This makes Lancer good in an Arcane Scepter deck, due to each Spade triggering its effect, and the Spades can be used infinitely when used correct. He's also very good in a Justice and Perseverance deck by default with those being more focused on dealing area damage (though keep in mind that in PV's case, Spades won't apply KR).

Lancer can be countered by filling up the user's hand so there is not enough room to safely keep a steady hand to avoid overdrawing (though this can be re-countered by using Preservation). Cards such as River Person and Manticore are great at this as they force the opponent to draw a large number of cards.

Card Skins

Little Bad Guy

  • Little Bad Guy (by Moonlightring)

    Lancer Boi

  • Lancer Boi (by BlueKitty)
    • Only available during April Fools.

      Top: "Dark Prince" Bottom: "6 of Spades"

  • Dark Prince (by Jake Horror)
    • 6 of Spades (sold seperately)

      Top: "Let Him Rest" Bottom: "Spade Storm"

  • Let Him Rest (by Diamaincrah)
    • Spade Storm (sold seperately)

      Crazy Lancer

  • Crazy Lancer (by Jacky Bunny - Fan Artist)
    • Only available through Pass Quests.


  • Like Kris and Ralsei, Lancer gained a Skin and Avatar during the same day as its release. Unlike those two, however, it didn't get one right at its release.
  • Lancer's Theme was originally his Fight Theme, "Vs. Lancer". This was moved to Biker Lancer upon its release in Beta 50.0.