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Last Dream is Determination's 2nd Epic Effect card added in Beta 11.0 during the UnderCards 1 year Anniversary. It was also the 1st of the 2 leaked on Twitter. (The other being Acceleration.) Previous Versions can be found here.

This card will give all your monsters +1/+1, just like Grillby, for 4G. However, if your HP is 1, this card will give all your monsters +7/+7 instead, making it work very well with KnifeLoox and Vulkin.

When the 1 HP condition is met, the +7/+7 on all allies can be utilized to easily kill your opponent in one turn. This is most effective on Charge monsters, especially an assortment of Snails thanks to Blue Snail.


  • Make sure to never get an opponent playing a Determination deck down to 1 HP, otherwise they won't even need the setup cards.
    • This can be improved further by making sure the opponent is left at an amount of HP that makes it almost impossible to get themselves down just right, even with the 3 main setup cards mentioned above.
    • Alternatively, you can use Shyren or, if you're playing Kindness, Heal to restore your opponent's HP in order to get out of Last Dream range.

Card Skins

Everlasting Memories

  • Everlasting Memories (by Jake Horror)