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Lemon Bread is quite powerful, being a 4/6 Haste monster for 6G. Its Magic also gives it Taunt, but you need to have an Amalgamate or Mold on your board for it to activate.

Even without Taunt, it's still a very good card. But because it is part of both Tribes, it excels in decks featuring them, as it can affect/be affected by other Tribe members as well as gaining Taunt without issue.

Card Skins

Swheat Heart

  • Swheat Heart (by Jake Horror)

    Lemon Cake

  • Lemon Cake (by BlueKitty)


  • Lemon Bread is the first monster to gain Haste.
    • It was until Beta 9.1 when another monster gained Haste: Spider.