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Lesser dog is a Dog card with decent stats, however its main appeal (since Beta 17.0) comes in the fact it lowers the cost of every card in your hand by 1 when it dies.

Works very well as either a cost reducer as well as a Silence bait. It's best used when you have 6 or 7 cards in your hand to maximize its Dust even when it dies on the enemy's next turn, giving a full refund or even +1G profit.

When a card is brought back from the board with cards such as Break or Endogeny after having its cost reduced, their price will revert to normal like their other stats. If a card such as Flowey has their cost reduced by Lesser Dog and then is put back in the Deck, their cost will also revert back to normal.

Card Skins

Long Dog

  • Long Dog (by Moonlightring)

    Holy Knight (GIF)

  • Holy Knight (GIF by Kazma)
    • Originally available through Holy War Bundle.