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Undertale OST - Dummy! Extended

0:22 - 0:30

Since Beta 57.1, Mad Dummy is a powerful Legendary monster, able to ignore any DMG dealt to it that is 3 or lower. Additionally, when played, it will deal 3 DMG to both players and all other monsters on the board, healing you up by the amount of excess DMG dealt this way.

To further explain: Excess DMG is most known from its original user, Casual Undyne. The amount of negative HP monsters that are about to die have is the excess amount of DMG dealt. Since Mad Dummy targets the whole board, the excess DMG of each monster, both ally and enemy, will be added together. And the total of that will be converted into HP restored to the user. This is done after the 3 DMG, making it likely able to negate that negative side effect, but also making it impossible for players to use Mad Dummy at 1-2 HP.

Since Mad Dummy's ability includes attacks, abilities and effects, it is a great counter against Justice, as, since Beta 58.0 removed Explosion, none of its spells is able to damage it (as Undyne's Spears deals 1 DMG at a time), limiting them to just HeadShot, their inta-kill card, which still works normally, and monsters. It's also great against Perseverance, as it can't take KR DMG, much like an Armor monster. Attacking Mad Dummy does apply KR no matter what, as does using Poison, making it vulnerable to Termination.

Card Skins


  • Foolish (by Martb.y)

    Treat or Trick Time

  • Treat or Trick Time (by Virsenus)

    Beach Dummy

  • Beach Dummy (by Jacky Bunny - Fan Artist)
    • Only available through Pass Quests.