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Undertale OST - Death By Glamour Extended

Since Beta 55.1, Mettaton EX is a powerful 6/8 for 7G Legendary Monster that is able to instantly summon a new version of himself every time he dies as long as his owner has 7 gold or more and he's not silenced, which will be paid for his resurrection.

As such, this card is best played when you have 14G or more, or use cards like Fortune to increase the amount, so you will have the 7G requirement afterwards. This forces the opponent to use Silence/Transform/Removal, and those are rather limited, or kill it twice in 1 turn, making him act as a mini Heroine. Silencing him also requires them to kill him right after to not risk an Igloo or Asriel.

Keep in mind that his current cost doesn't affect the requirements of his Dust.

Super Star

Card Skins

  • Super Star (by Moonlightring)

    TV Star

  • TV Star (by Darky)

    Its Show Time (GIF)

  • Its Show Time (GIF by Diamaincrah)

    Robot Star

  • Robot Star (by Jacky Bunny - Fan Artist)
    • Originally available through Pass Quests.