The minigames appear when you are waiting for a game. For a period of time, you would just look at an Hourglass, but in Alpha 2.5, they added minigames. Every minigame is from a battle in Undertale. These go on endlessly until a match is found. Every minute, the attack patterns reset, but get faster (including the music).

Muffet Minigame

Trap Minigame

Muffet's Minigame

This minigame uses Trap Mode and makes your SOUL Purple.

Spiders, Croissants and Donuts come from either side, each with a different pattern.

  • Spiders go simply from one side to another, staying on the same string. These appear the entire time.
  • After around 20 seconds, Croissants appear alongside Spiders and work similar, but are faster and once they reach the other side, they are stationary for a moment and then go the other way.
  • After around 20 more seconds, Croissants are replaced by Donuts are the hardest to dodge, as instead of staying on one of the three lines, they bounce up and down diagonally.

Undyne's Minigame

Undyne Minigame

Shield Minigame

This minigame uses Shield Mode and makes your SOUL Green.

Spears come to attack you, and you must protect yourself with a shield. After a little bit, Yellow spears, which goes backwards, come to attack you also. Then a bombard of a mix of both normal and yellow spears attack you.

Papyrus' Minigame

Sans Minigame

Jump Minigame

This minigame uses Jump Mode and makes your SOUL Blue.

Bones move from the right to the left, and you have to dodge them. This starts simple as you simply have to either jump (which can be as high as you can) or not jump at all.

But later, you need to jump specific hights due to there being just a small gap.