Undercards Wikia
Undercards Wikia

Moldsmal is tied with Froggit for being the most basic card in the game: 

  • Low stats of 3/2 (2/3 for Froggit); 
  • Low cost of 2G; 
  • Lowest rarity (Common); 
  • No ability; 
  • Highly used in the Tutorial Fight; 
  • Basic card (3 in collection at all times). 

But despite that, it can still be useful, especially in combination with Moldessa and Moldbygg

 This is especially the case in Kindness Decks, where, as of Beta 9.3, you can use Feast on the Mold monsters to become very hard to kill. This is because Feast will increase Moldsmal's and Moldessa's HP to 6 and Moldbygg (who gets a total of 9 HP) will fully heal all Mold monsters at the end of your turn. 

 Moldsmal can also be used as a card to buff others, such as Politics Bear and Whimsalot. Decent in a Bravery zoo/rush deck.