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The Nacarat Jester was added in Beta 1.6. Previous Versions can be found here.

It is the first card with the Silence ability, and also the only one until Beta 4.5 with the release of Memorial Statue. This ability allows you to remove any stat changes from a targeted monster, thus returning it to its base state. But more importantly, it removes that monster's abilities and status effects.

This will give results such as a 1 ATK Flowey that upon death, won't return to the owner's deck. Keep in mind that Determination cards are completely immune to it, meaning that you can't get rid of their ability or reset their stats. (Silence also didn't stop Future effects.)

This can be used on your own cards or the opponent's. This card should be saved for later in game when the opponent has likely saved any of its buffing cards, especially if versing Kindness or Bravery.

Please note that when something with a lowered Max HP is silenced, its Max HP will return, but its current HP stays the same (making it damaged). For example, if a Madjick is used on an Ice, the Ice will have 6/1. But if it gets silenced afterwards, it will end up with 1/1 (with a Max HP of 6).

Card Skins

Happy Nacarat Jester

  • Happy Nacarat Jester (by Moonlightring)

    Smile and Silence

  • Smile and Silence (by Jake Horror)


  • Nacarat means 'orangey red' in English, which is what colour Nacarat Jester is, as seen in Undertale. But because almost every card in this game doesn't use colour for its images, that is not shown here.