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Noelle was added in Beta 30.0. Previous Versions can be found here.

Noelle is an amazing supportive monster, being a 3/6 monster for 9G with both Candy and the ability to heal you by its current amount of HP.

This means that on its very first turn, it would already restore 6 HP to you (under normal conditions). This is increased further if you use cards that give additional HP first, like Migospel, Force of Nature or Feast. Because of this, Noelle is a very good addition to a Kindness deck.

Due to it also having Candy, it will restore HP to itself as well. You will restore HP equal to its HP after Candy has activated, so you will always restore 4 HP back at least.

Card Skins

Christmas Noelle

  • Christmas Noelle (by BlueKitty12)

    High School Noelle

  • High School Noelle (by Oranjican)

    Noelle joins the Team

  • Noelle joins the Team (by Kazma)

    Cloud Nine

  • Cloud Nine (by Shionbluu)