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Pizzapants was added in Beta 30.0. Previous Versions can be found here.

Pizzapants is a strong addition in a cloning and/or resurrecting based deck, being able to gain +1/+1 (+1 ATK and +1 HP) for each other Pizzapants you have played beforehand. This means that the first gains nothing, the second +1/+1 , the third +2/+2, and so on.

While it's fairly weak offensively at the beginning with just 2 ATK and 3 HP for 5G, it does have Haste, allowing it to pick off the smaller enemies and each new one can go for a bigger target. Combine this with the likes of Painting early on, while using the likes of Jukebox and Father Alvin later. In addition, cards that add exact copies to your hand like Royal Integrity and The Vessel copies Pizzapants' current stats. Thus, when you play one of these copies, its effect activates again, allowing you to play cards with stats as high as (or even higher than!) 15/16 and Haste for only 5 gold.

One of the most interesting synergies Pizzapants has is with Mad Mew Mew. She halves the stats of a selected ally monster (rounded down), then adds an exact copy of that card to your hand. In Pizzapants' case, however, she halves its current stats, adds a copy with the halved stats, then the effect of the Pizzapants targeted by Mad Mew Mew is reapplied.

This is because Pizzapants' effect is a continuous aura effect. An aura effect, also known as an ongoing effect, is a temporary effect that continues to affect specified targets until the card causing said aura is either silenced or killed. Thus, if Mad Mew Mew is used on a Pizzapants with 6/7 in stats or more, it ends up buffing the card on the board and adding a Pizzapants with half of the original stats to your hand.

Another, less confusing, synergy is with Susie. Since Susie directly sets the stats of all allies to 3/3 no matter what, a Pizzapants can attack and kill a monster, then be healed to full and gain +1 ATK after Susie is played because of its aura effect. A similar story applies to Ralsei; when targeting a Pizzapants with its effect, that Pizzapants will only have +1 ATK over the previous Pizza played because Ralsei's effect triggering does not count as playing a card from hand.

Keep in mind that since Beta 54.1, it doesn't count Pizzapants summoned directly from an effect, making those summoned from Coffin not count. Since it lacks a Dust effect, Tombstone can't summon it either (and wouldn't count for its effect either anyway).

Card Skins

When the Pizza is Sus

  • When the Pizza is Sus (by Diamaincrah)
    • Only available during April Fools.