In the top of the screen next to Shops is Quests. At the Quest page you access your Daily Quests as well as your Daily Rewards. Quests can be completed to gain Gold, and visiting the Quest page each day grants a Daily Reward.

Daily Quests

There are three quests each day. Finished quests are replaced with new ones at 6:00am CET. You may manually swap out any unfinished quest if you have had it for 24 hours.

The following is a table of all Daily Quests and their rewards.

Victory Quests Gold Summoning Quests Gold
Win 3 games 100 Summon 15 monsters with ≤ 3G cost 80
Win 5 games 180 Summon 15 monsters with ≥ 8G cost 80
Win 2 classic games 100 Summon 15 Taunt monsters 80
Win 5 classic games 300 Summon 15 Amalgamates 80
Win 9 classic games 500 Summon 15 Dogs 80
Win 2 games as [Soul] 80 Summon 15 Froggits 80
Win 5 games as [Soul] 200 Summon 15 Molds 80
Summon 15 Snails 80
Summon 15 Tems 80

Note that Custom Games don't count towards any quests.

Daily Rewards

Aside from the Quests, you can also obtain numerous rewards just by logging in daily. These rewards also contain Gold, but will also give you both kinds of Packs. And they even give Dust and, on day 28, a Super Pack. The rewards don't reset if you miss a day, but they reset at the start of each Month (or "Season"). A new Undercards day starts at 6:00am CET.

Following shows a table of all Daily Rewards. The chain goes from the left to the right, starting from the top:

Gold Packs DR Packs Gold Packs DR Packs Dust
50 1 1 50 1 1 50
75 1 1 75 1 1 75
100 2 2 100 2 2 100
150 3 3 150 3 3 1 Super Pack
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