NOTE: As of Beta 25.0, Classic and Ranked Modes have been merged and put under the name "Classic". As such, this page will not contain any information about it.


Ranked Mode is the 'For Glory' format of Undercards, and Classic Mode is the 'For Fun' format. Winning or losing matches will make you gain or lose DTP (Determination Points) respectively. (You will not lose DTP if you are in COPPER.) While you're waiting, you can play minigames.


Unlike in Classic, there are a few things that are required and not allowed to play a Ranked match.

  • You must be at least LV 10.
  • You can only use 1 Determination card in your deck in general (unlike just 1 of a certain monster).


There are 8 divisions in Ranked, being COPPER, IRON, GOLD, EMERALD, RUBY, DIAMOND, MASTER, and LEGEND. All ranks but MASTER and LEGEND are divided into 3 parts, III, II, and I.

Ranking Up

To rank up, you must get 100 DTP points and then:

  • Nothing in COPPER, IRON, and GOLD.
  • You will enter a promotional series (bo3 for divisions III and II and bo5 for division I) in EMERALD, RUBY, and DIAMOND.
  • If you're MASTER, you must be in the top 10 to be in LEGEND.
    Ranked Reward Beta 19

    Ranked Rewards at the end of a season

Ranking Down

A particularly bad losing streak at 0 DTP may result in dropping a division, though there is no set number of games that may trigger a demotion. After a demotion, your DTP will be set to 75 DTP.

(At the end of each season the rank of all players will be reduced.)


Artifacts weren't allowed in Ranked until Beta 19.0 after their release in Beta 18.0.