Mode 2


Since Beta 38.0, Ranked Mode is the 'For Glory' format of Undercards, and Standard Mode is the 'For Fun' format. Like in Standard Mode, while you are waiting, you can play minigames.


Unlike Standard Mode, there are a few requirements to be able to play a Ranked match.

  • You must have been at least LV 15.
  • You could only use 1 Determination card in your deck in general (unlike just 1 of a certain monster).


You increase your rank with the more wins you get. Being in a higher rank means getting into a matches with more advanced players, but means better end-of-season rewards.

There are 33 different Divisions, sorted out as followed:

COPPER, IRON, GOLD, EMERALD, SAPPHIRE, AMETHYST, RUBY, DIAMOND and LEGEND, all of which divided into 4 divisions rated from IV to I except LEGEND, which has only 1 division.

Ranking System Details

Each division has an ELO associated with it, which goes up by 25 each. Winning will give you some ELO. Losing has the following effects based on your Division:

  • In Divisions COPPER, IRON, and GOLD, losing does nothing to your ELO.
  • In Divisions EMERALD, SAPPHIRE, and AMETHYST, losing takes away some of your ELO. However, you cannot fall into a lower Division.
  • In Divisions RUBY, DIAMOND, and LEGEND, losing takes away some ELO. In these Divisions you can fall into a lower rank if you lose too much ELO.

Once you have enough ELO, you advance to the next Division. You can see how close you are to the next division by looking at the colored bar in the Play Menu.


Current Rewards can be found here. They are awarded at the end of each season (month) and higher Divisions get better season rewards.


  • Artifacts weren't allowed in Ranked until Beta 19.0 after their release in Beta 18.0.
  • Before Beta 26.0, each rank (except Legend) had 5 Divisions instead of 4, meaning the total amount of Divisions back then were 41.
  • Since Beta 25.0, Ranked Mode was merged with Standard Mode, which was named Classic Mode at the time, and kept that name. This was done to make place for Event Mode.
    • However, in Beta 32.1, Event Mode was replaced with Fun Mode, which functioned just like the original Classic Mode.
    • Beta 38.0 renamed Classic Mode back to Ranked Mode, and renamed Fun Mode to the current Standard Mode.
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