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Royal Guard 2 is the paired card to Royal Guard 1. It has the same stats as RG 01 except the ATK and HP are swapped around. It is a strong common type of card to deploy near the end of the match.

Since Beta 30.0, with the release of RG 03 and RG 04, when RG 02 dies, any Royal Guard in your hand (except other RG 02's) have their cost reduced by 2. This makes it similar to Lesser Dog, and like it, a common target for a Silence in order to not allow it to activate its effect (even when it might not happen at all if they don't know what's in your hand). But even without the effect, it's a strong card with a good body of 10/7 for 9G, though a bit of a glass cannon, so be careful.


  • There used to be an easter egg which happened if both RG 01 and RG 02 were on the field. RG 02 would remove their chestplate and RG 01 would get nervous, just like in Undertale.
    • Description: "Armor so hot..."
  • Beta 29.0 made the RG's part of the starting cardpool instead of Knight Knight.