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Scarf Mouse is a card added in Beta 6.6.

It's a cheaper but weaker version of Nacarat Jester, costing 2G less, but having -4/-1 in return and having its effect limited to enemy monsters.

However, it is still arguablely better than Nacatar Jester, especially in Zoo and Aggro decks, due to silencing enemy monsters being desired more often than ally ones (unless when you have based a deck around it, but Ball Person has this covered).

Card Skins

Timid Mouse

  • Timid Mouse (by Moonlightring)

    Quiet Blizzard

  • Quiet Blizzard (by Asrite)


  • It was added to the starting cardpool in Beta 26.0.
    • This was 4 months before the introduction of the Basic Rarity.