Snail Trainer is card 10/11 shown on Twitter to be released on Beta 18.1, and the only Epic one at that. Previous Versions of it can be found here. Previous Versions of Thundersnail can be found here.
Thundersnail (Beta 30.0)

When you draw this card, it adds a random Snail in your hand. But if you play it when you have 2+ ally Snails, it will add a Thundersnail to your hand instead.

Thundersnail is a 3G spell that will summon all dead ally Snails and will trigger their Magic. This can be useful to make a chain reaction of buffs. You will also get a Napstablook in your hand.


  • Thundersnail summons all dead ally snails, and not just random 4. This means, if your opponent has a Big Mouth or a Heats Flamesman, Thundersnail can lead to huge chain reactions.
  • Snail Trainer is the only card that can make you overdraw while using Trash Tornado.


  • Snail Trainer is one of the two cards with non-canon sprites, the other being Bob.
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