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Since Beta 54.0, Snowman functions as a very tiny version of The Heroine, able to revive itself after dying with lower base stats. However, rather than directly onto the board, it revives itself to your hand, thus you will need to pay for it again. Luckily, with its revival it lowers its cost as well.

It starts as a 3/4 for 3G and will gain -1/-1/-1 every death. Because of this, it has 4 lives in total and costs a total of 6G (0G for the last 0/1). Just like with The Heroine, if it's reset in some way (bounce, caught and release, etc.) it will turn back into a 3/4 for 3G.

Card Skins

Still Waiting

  • Still Waiting (by Diamaincrah)

    Snow Bunny Friend

  • Snow Bunny Friend (by Shionbluu)

    Memories of the Snow

  • Memories of the Snow (by Shionbluu)
    • Only available through Christmas (2020) Bundle.