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Soulless Kris was added as Beta 50.0's Determination monster, teased here the day before. This marks it the 7th DT (and 2nd DR one, after Kris) added to Undercards. Previous Versions can be found here.



Imminent Death

Much like Chara, Soulless Kris has the ability to give a single Artifact: Dark Fountain. This Artifact fills your hand with random Deltarune monsters once it reaches 20 or more counters. Dark Fountain gains a counter every time you have played a card you haven't played this game.

Because of this, Dark Fountain requires you to play 20 unique monsters in order to get the Deltarune Cards in your hand. However, the cards will also count towards the requirement, allowing you to chain bursts of cards to play, allowing you to always have something to fight the opponent back with.

Soulless Kris also adds counters to Dark Fountain when you play the card, allowing past monsters to count towards the requirement.

Keep in mind, that this could also be a hurt to you, since it fills your hand and may cause you to overdraw if you do not have enough gold to play any cards.

Card Skins

Krispy Soul Dinner

  • Krispy Soul Dinner (by Asrite)
    • Originally belonged to Kris.

      Souls of LOVE

  • Souls of LOVE (by Asrite)
    • Originally belonged to Kris.

      Good Kris

  • Good Kris (by Jacky Bunny - Fan Artist)
    • Only available through Pass Quests.

      Heartless & Left Behind

  • Heartless (by Diamaincrah)
    • Left Behind (sold seperately)

      Vessel of 7 Souls

  • None. (by Nasrin_AnoirX)
    • Vessel of 7 Souls (sold seperately)