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Spamton NEO was added to Undercards in Beta 66.0 as the tenth Determination card, as well as the fifth Determination card from Deltarune (after Ultimathrash).




Much like Soulless Kris's effect prior to their rework in Beta 66.5, Spamton NEO gives the opponent a single Artifact when played: FREE KROMER. This Artifact adds an Irresistible Deal to the player's hand at the start of their turn, after they draw. If their hand is full, FREE KROMER will shuffle the rightmost card in their hand before adding an Irresistible Deal in its place. When played, Irresistible Deal adds a counter to FREE KROMER and offers four different Bargains to choose from: CLICK HERE TO DIE, Generosity, HOTSINGLE, and Press F1 For HELP. Each one forces the player to endure a different detrimental effect, but Irresistible Deal must not be in the player's hand at the end of their turn. Otherwise, FREE KROMER will cast BIG SHOT!!!, dealing 99 DMG to all allies (including the player) 99 times. In almost every case, this is an automatic loss; playing Frisk or Rouxls Kaard will not save you. At 4 counters, FREE KROMER will no longer generate Irresistible Deals. The same Bargain can be chosen multiple times during the course of the game. Irresistible Deal can also be shuffled back into the player's deck with cards such as Dream or can even be burned by cards such as Acceleration or Hyper Goner. Aesthetic Aaron is a potential target for Draft or Totemic Carvings, and can be used to place Irresistible Deal in the opponent's hand. It should be noted that these do not reduce the amount of times you have to play Irresistible Deal, it just delays it by one turn.

Theoretically, a player using Spamton NEO could put Timer in their deck and, if they manage to get one to survive for three turns, can place Spamton NEO to automatically kill their opponent with BIG SHOT!!!. However, this is easier said than done.

Spamton NEO himself doesn't particularly have the greatest of statlines, bearing 1 ATK to 13 HP: An obvious inversion of Mettaton NEO's statline and a reference to the end of the alternate route of Deltarune Chapter 2. He can be made into a bulky Taunt with Knight's Shield or Royal Papyrus, but Muffet's Pet will still kill him instantly. Madjick can swap his stats around for sudden burst damage.


The player must choose one of four bargains upon playing Irresistible Deal. All of them are bad, but some are worse than others.

  • CLICK HERE TO DIE: Deal 6 DMG to the highest HP ally monster. DMG not dealt is dealt to you.
  • Generosity: Lose 6 G (even if you have <6 G. set to 0 G). The enemy gains 6 G.
  • HOTSINGLE: Delay: Summon a Ms. Pipis. If you can't, turn a random ally monster into Ms. Pipis.
  • Press F1 For HELP: Give the opponent +8 HP.

It can also summon BIG SHOT!!! which will deal a total of 9801 damage, usually resulting in a instant KO. Not even Frisk or Rouxls Kaard can stand.


  • Historically, the Determination rarity has been reserved for characters who canonically possess Determination, such as humans. Darkners are implied to be unable to harness their own Determination, relying on Lightners with strong Determination such as Noelle and Kris to open additional Dark Fountains. When Spamton NEO was revealed as a Determination card, it came as a surprise to many players.
  • Press F1 For HELP both heals the opponent for 8 HP and increases their maximum HP by 8. This can make it more difficult to defeat your opponent if you repeatedly choose this Bargain over CLICK HERE TO DIE or Generosity.
  • As stated above, Generosity can be used when you have less than 6 G, but it will still drain your G to 0 at give the opponent 6 G.