Mode 1


Standard Mode is the most simple gameplay mode out there. Queue for a match and you will fight a random player doing the same. Before doing so, you can choose which deck you want to use. Be warned that you can only choose a deck that has 25 cards and at least 1 Artifact (doesn't have to be a Legendary). While you're waiting, you can play minigames.



After each match, no matter if you won or lost, you gain EXP. Your EXP is determined by 3 different factors.

  • You gain +1 EXP for every passed second during the match.
  • You gain +200 bonus EXP if you win the match.
  • You gain +10 EXP for every level your opponent is above you, regardless of victory or loss.
  • You cannot gain more than 3000 EXP each match. (4.5k with Experience artifact)


Winning grants you 5 Gold, which you can use to buy Packs and new Artifacts. If you lose, you earn 2 Gold.


Originally, this was known as Classic Mode. Since Beta 25.0, Ranked Mode got merged with it in order to make place for a permanent Event Mode. As a result, actual "casual" games were no longer possible outside Custom Mode. This was until Beta 32.1, where Event Mode was replaced by Fun Mode, which functioned the same way as the original Classic Mode. And finally, in Beta 38.0, Fun Mode was renamed to the current Standard Mode. Meanwhile, Classic Mode changed its name back to Ranked Mode.

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